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Covid-19 Message

To the Tattoo Moses community

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, you should expect slight delays to orders.

We are working hard to offer our fans the best service we can and will process your orders / respond to your enquiries in the most timely manner possible but please bear with us if there are delays at this time.

To ensure the safety and well being of our fans we have taken extra steps to sanitise the outside of every bottle, cap and trigger before they’re packaged and delivered to you.

Unfortunately our planned events for 2020 have had to be postponed – awaiting confirmation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

White Snow Storm

White Snowstorm is a PH neutral, high foam formulation that safely and effortlessly remove traffic film, bugs, ingrained dirt and more. Its formulated to generate ultra-thick clinging foam.

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Time to represent

It's time to represent. Choose from over 10 coloured decals! Match up with your car or just pick the colour that suits your style. The choice is yours!

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Green Typhoon

Green typhoon is a highly concentrated, PH neutral car shampoo that provides thick foam and excellent lubricity. It removes dirt and grime with ease whilst leaving a sweet shine. This premium shampoo is perfect for car detailing because of its high levels of cleaning ability and long-lasting fragrance.

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Who are we?

Tattoo Moses is geared up to take automotive culture to the next level. Delivering an experience to our amazing fans that involves you throughout each creative decision. We are a family of friends who are passionate car enthusiast’s artists and photographers who welcome you to this unique experience in which we have come together to create stunning products that have been tailed to you.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

We are so grateful for the love and support from all of our fans. This is a special shout out to all our sponsors. You have been amazing in every way. You have all played an important role in our successes and we are so appreciative for all you have done!